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Being a homeschool
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As a homeschool parent of five children, our founder understands the challenges homeschoolers face. With all your responsibilities, creating a high school transcript can be a daunting process. And if not done correctly, colleges may reject it.

"The transcript is the most important part of your child's application -- and it will be the first element considered in the evaluation process."

Eric J. Furda
Dean of Admissions
University of Pennsylvania
"The single most important document in your application is your high school transcript..."

Undergraduate Admissions Page
Yale University

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Labels like Unsocialized, Unaccredited, Grade Inflation, and Parental Bias still exist.

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-Kelly Parsons of Fayetteville, NC
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-Jennifer D. of Plano, TX
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-Caroline Geer, Missionaries inTaiwan

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