How to Use the
Common Data Set

The Common Data Set is an extensive survey that colleges and universities fill out each year.

The data they provide can be used for comparison and finding out what's important to each college's admissions department.

Google the search terms below to find your college's Common Data Set.

common data set COLLEGE NAME HERE

Here are a few ideas for using The Common Data Set to your advantage:

❗ Importance of class rank, test scores, and demonstrated interest C7

⏱️ Acceptance rate for early applications C21 & C22

📅 1st year acceptance rate by male and female applicants C1

💯 Number of students waitlisted (and later admitted from the waitlist) C2

⚠️ Required & recommended classes applicants must take in high school C5

🏛️ Acceptance rate for transfer students D2

💰 Average merit-based scholarship package H2A

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