Does Your Major
(or School)
Really Matter?

If you're not applying to a top school then majors really matter.

A four year degree is the new requirement for almost every well paying job. 🤑
It signals you're industrious, conscientious, able to finish tasks, and a good candidate for hire.

Hard (B.S.) and soft (B.A.) degrees have different earning potentials.

Computer Science, Engineering, Math or similar "hard" degrees tend to have a flat distribution of income regardless of what school you attend.

So if your goal is a Bachelor of Science degree, it really doesn't matter which college you attend. In this case, shop potential schools according to tuition rates.

"Soft" degrees in the liberal arts, humanities, etc. have a much more dramatic income curve depending on which school you attend.

For example, the earnings potential from a sociology degree from the lower 2/3 of colleges may not even yield an ROI commensurate with the actual tuition costs. 📉

If you plan on a Bachelor of Arts degree, consider carefully the caliber of school you're applying to, as well as the type of degree you seek.

In sum, "soft" degrees require researching a college or university's "signaling" status.

Source: The Question of Education by Dylan Field

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