The 5 Easiest AP Exams

It's your senior year.

You haven't taken any AP Exams.

You want to apply to competitive colleges.

What do you do?

For those who know the benefits of AP (Advanced Placement) exams, but haven't started yet, DON'T WORRY!

There's still an opportunity for you to catch up and shine.

Here's a plan for taking APs

and which ones are easier to tackle if you're aiming for multiple exams.

But first, let's review why you should even take an AP Exam.

College Credit
A good score on an AP exam can earn you college credits, potentially saving time and money.

Strengthened College Application
AP scores provide an external validation of your academic skills, which can be especially beneficial for homeschoolers.

Preparation for College
They give you a taste of college-level material and expectations.

So, which AP Exams are "easier"?

"Easier" is subjective and varies depending on a student's strengths.

However, some AP exams have a reputation for being more straightforward or having higher pass rates.

If you're trying to stack multiple exams in one year, consider these:

1. AP Environmental Science
Often recommended for students new to AP, this subject covers a broad range of topics but is generally considered less in-depth than other science courses.

2. AP Psychology
Another introductory-level course, AP Psychology covers foundational principles and concepts, making it relatively straightforward for many students.

3. AP Human Geography
This exam focuses on the patterns and processes that have shaped human understanding, use, and alteration of the Earth’s surface. The content is intriguing and often resonates well with students.

4. AP Comparative Government and Politics
For those with an interest in global politics, this exam offers an overview without the depth of U.S. History or European History APs.

5. AP Studio Art
If you're artistically inclined, this might be a good fit. Rather than a traditional test, this exam consists of a portfolio submission.

BONUS: Computer Science Principles
Computer Science Principles is an easier variation of the more rigorous Computer Science A exam.

Here are some tips for AP success:

Before diving into any AP exam, do a self-assessment. Take a preliminary test or review sample questions to gauge your current knowledge.

Study Guides
Invest in an AP exam study guide. These guides are tailored to what the College Board tests on and offer practice exams.

Online Resources
Websites like Khan Academy and AP Central offer resources tailored to AP subjects.

Plan Your Study
Instead of cramming, schedule consistent study times. If taking multiple APs, rotate subjects to prevent burnout on a single topic.

Practice Exams
Periodically take full-length practice exams to assess progress and familiarize yourself with the test format.

Join Online Communities
Forums and social media groups can provide study tips, resources, and moral support.

While late starters to the AP scene might feel a pinch of pressure, success is by no means out of reach. By strategically choosing your AP subjects and dedicating focused study time, you can achieve commendable scores that boost your college applications. Remember, it's not just about playing catch-up; it's about showcasing your dedication, resilience, and academic prowess. Happy studying!

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