My colleges require E-transcripts. How?


Now homeschoolers can send secure watermark or digital transcripts directly from our Homeschool Clearinghouse to 4,397 colleges & universities!

Here are 3 essential things you need to know about e-filing your transcript.

What is a transcript audit? Do I need it?


In addition to error-free, weighted & unweighted GPA auto-calculations, our algorithms meticulously flags every possible problem you could make, guaranteeing you a perfect transcript!

Catch 703 common mistakes — Transcript Audit

I need an elementary or middle school transcript. How do I get one?


FastTranscripts.com can provide both elementary & middle school transcripts.

There are 4 steps for removing the high school labels from our transcripts.

Send me the 4 steps involved in creating a K-8 transcript

Do the colleges I'm applying to accept Parchment?


Email support@fasttranscripts.com with the names of the colleges and universities you're applying to and we will let you know if they accept electronic transcripts.

Expect a reply within 1 hour.

How do I send a secure electronic transcript to the colleges my student is applying to?


Once your transcript is finished, click MY ACCOUNT, then click the Get an Official transcript mailed or E-filed (button).

Afterwards, you'll receive an email with a link to create a Parchment account associated with your student's transcript.

What does my 30-day free trial provide?


You'll have complete access to all the features in our Essentials Plan (auto-calc yearly, cumulative, weighted & unweighted GPAs, course name auto-suggest, & more), except for printing and the transcript audit.

You must purchase a paid subscription in order to print transcripts.

Get a (no credit card required) FREE TRIAL today!

How do I renew my subscription?


Click here to renew your subscription.

Can I pause my subscription?



You may pause/cancel your subscription by emailing cancel@fasttranscripts.com

FastTranscripts.com will NOT delete your student's transcript even if you cancel your subscription.

If you ever need/want access to your student's transcript again, just resubscribe and pick up where you left off.

How do I print my student's transcript?


To self-print your transcript do the following:

1. Click here to login
2. Click the student's name (button)
3. Click PRINT, then click Download Transcript (link)

If you are having a sealed secure watermark copy mailed from The Homeschool Clearinghouse or electronically submitting your transcript, you'll digitally sign on the Parchment website.

Here are 3 essential things you need to know about e-filing your transcript: https://fasttranscripts.com/3-things/

I can't remember my password to login. What should I do?


Click here to visit our password reset page. Enter your email address and we'll send you a link to reset your password.

Do homeschool transcripts need to be notarized?


No. In the old days, homeschoolers were advised to have their transcripts notarized to make them more official.

Now you can send official transcripts just like public and private schools do through our national Homeschool Clearinghouse.

Our partnership with Parchment allows homeschoolers to create official transcripts recognized by over 4,000 colleges and universities.

Using Parchment takes the place of notarization and delivers transcripts in the format admissions departments expect.

Now your transcript is just as official as everyone else's without the need for a notary.

Do transcripts need to be part of my permanent records?


Yes. The transcript may be requested many years after high school graduation. It's recommended that it be printed off or saved electronically in your permanent records or given to your students for safekeeping.

Should I include courses on my homeschool transcript from other public/private schools?


The best approach is to incorporate all high school work into one transcript.

If the school your student attended prior to homeschooling was accredited, provide these transcripts along with your homeschool transcript as part of the college application process.

Use the commentary section of the transcript to list the school years attended, the name of the public/private school, and its accrediting agencies and/or associations.

How do I save what I wrote for later use?


FastTranscripts.com uses an auto-save feature so just type and we'll save your content for you.

How many credits is a particular subject is worth?


Generally, 1 high school credit equals 120 hours of class work.

What is the average number of credits completed a year?


The average number of credits completed per year will vary depending on your student's future plans. Over the course of four years, the average number of credits completed for a general plan is 20 — 22 credits, for a college prep plan is 24 — 28 credits and for a rigorous college prep plan is 26 — 30 credits.

What unit should be used for credits?


Most states use the Carnegie unit which equates 1 credit for a year long high school course and ½ credit for a half year or semester long course if a standard high school textbook is used. Some states use a variation to the Carnegie unit by assigning 2 credits (Indiana), 5 credits (New Jersey), or 10 credits (California) for a year long course.

How do I convert college credit earned during high school into high school credit?


Typically, a 3-5 credit college course taken in one semester converts to a one year long, 1 credit high school course.

How do I indicate college courses on the transcript?


Place an asterisk beside the course title and note in the "Miscellaneous" section of the transcript the school where the course was taken.

Can I include high school courses taken prior to the 9th grade?


High school level courses in objective areas such as science, math or foreign language can be included on the high school transcript when taken prior to 9th grade. Keep good documentation of all high school courses.

How do I show courses taken before 9th grade on the transcript?


List any high school course taken prior to 9th grade in the freshman section and asterisk the course. In the miscellaneous section, indicate the courses that were taken prior to 9th grade.

My son took Algebra in 8th grade. How do I list this course on the transcript?


You can list Algebra or other courses taken in 8th grade in the Freshman section followed by an asterisk
(e.g Algebra I *). Then add a note of explanation in the miscellaneous section (e.g. * Course taken as an eighth grader).

What do I need to think about when titling a course?


When titling a course on the transcript, use a brief, descriptive title so that others will have an accurate idea of the course content. Don't necessarily use the textbook title as the name for your course title.

How do I get back to editing my student's transcript?


Click here to login and then click on your student's account.

If I purchase a subscription after completing my free 30-day trial, does it matter if I use a different email address on the new subscription?


Yes, it matters! Please use the same email address on your new subscription as you used to set up your free trial transcript account. You can change your email address after you activate your new subscription by logging into FastTranscripts.com, clicking on MY ACCOUNT, and selecting "Change my email address."

What is your customer support phone number?


Online chat is available Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm EST.

Inbound phone support is available with the purchase of our Complete Package.

For all other questions email support@fasttranscripts.com

Still have questions? Email us at Support@FastTranscripts.com