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Paper transcripts can slow down a student's application.

COVID introduced remote work. Even after the pandemic, most admissions departments still have staff members working outside of the office. Sending digital transcripts ensures your student's college application will be processed quickly. One university said they process digital applications 2 weeks prior to their paper counterparts. is accepted by 4,397 colleges and has processed over 20 million transcripts to date.


When you create an electronic transcript using, you’ll notice that the sending organization is listed as:

Homeschool Clearinghouse, 400 West Peachtree Street NW, Suite 4 - 550, Atlanta, GA 30308.

In order for homeschoolers to be able to file electronic transcripts like their public and private school peers, they need a unified sending organization.


Your beautiful one-page PDF transcript is really useful for demonstrating all the hard work you and your teen have put in.

But when it comes to sending your teen's high school transcript to prospective colleges and universities, it can be more helpful to do so electronically in a format that will be easily processed by different types of software.

The electronic format will look different than the PDF version.


We've helped thousands of homeschool students get accepted into the colleges they applied to.

Here's what other homeschool moms say about ordering an official transcript from Parchment via the Homeschool Clearinghouse.

From Liberty University:

If you have a copy of your official transcript in your possession and have opened the envelope, the transcript is no longer considered official. An official transcript can also be submitted through an electronic transcript database provider such as Scrip-Safe, Docufide, Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse, or others. This electronic transcript should be sent directly to Liberty via the school’s system.

New York University First Year Applicants:

Due to our office operating at limited capacity, we ask that you request to have your official transcripts sent to our office through electronic delivery (Parchment, E-Scripts etc).

From Cedarville University:

While electronic transcripts verified through a service such as Docufide/Parchment, Scoir, or eSCRIP-SAFE are official, transcripts sent as an attachment to an email or uploaded directly to the application file, unfortunately, do not meet the requirements for an official transcript.

From Hillsdale:

Hillsdale College has engaged Parchment to provide secure, electronic delivery of official transcripts, when the transcript recipient (college, university, graduate school, or employer) requires electronic delivery.

From University of Central Florida:

Undergraduate Admissions can accept official transcripts through U.S. mail or electronically when sent directly from your institution through a secure delivery service. Electronic transcripts can only be accepted as official if they are delivered through one of the following approved transcript service providers: SPEEDE, Parchment Exchange (including Naviance and Docufide), National Student Clearinghouse, etc.

From James Madison University Admissions Page:

For transcripts to be considered official, they must be sent through a secure provider such as Naviance/Parchment, e-Scrip Safe, etc.

From University of Houston Admissions Page:

Send your official transcript data electronically through an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system.

From University of Maryland:

Transcripts cannot be emailed or faxed to our office.

From University of Arizona:

It is important to note that we will not accept copies of transcripts by fax or email.

From University of Utah:

Emailed transcripts will not be considered official. Electronic transcripts can be requested through one of the following services: Credentials Solutions, Parchment/Naviance, National Student Clearinghouse, eScrip-Safe, or Scoir.

From University of Texas at Austin:

High schools and school districts have their own protocols for submitting transcripts and UT accepts transcripts in a variety of ways to accommodate this: TRex, MyStatus document upload system accessible after application submission, MyCoalition, Edocs/Naviance/Parchment, or By mail.

From University of Wisconsin-Madison:

In order for a transcript to be official, a paper transcript sent to our office must bear an official school seal or be printed on the school's custom watermarked/security paper. Official or unofficial transcripts sent by a student, family member, or counselor via email, will NOT be accepted. They will NOT meet the course and grade requirement and should not be sent. Electronic transcripts must be submitted through a secure, approved document sending service such as Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse, SCOIR, Credentials Solutions, Naviance, Common Application, E-Scrip Safe, Xello, or Scribsoft.

From University of California Davis:

Have your official final transcripts submitted through any of the following methods: Electronically, via the following approved vendors: Parchment, Naviance, National Student Clearinghouse, JST DoD Military Transcripts or via US Postal Service sent directly from your school, college or university in a sealed institutional envelope.

From University of SC Freshman Requirements:

The Registrar’s Office accepts official, secure transcripts via three methods of delivery: Mail, Hand Delivery, & Electronic Services - a third-party (Parchment, Student Clearinghouse, etc.) to electronically and securely send official transcripts to our office

University of New Hampshire Undergraduate Admissions:

Each applicant must have their official high school transcript or General Equivalency Diploma sent directly to UNH Admissions either electronically or via mail.

University of Connecticut First-Year Applications:

Students who do not complete the SRAR may submit an official high school transcript(s), which should include senior year classes, class rank (if applicable), and latest grades earned. Transcripts must be submitted to UConn directly from the secondary institution, either electronically or by mail in a sealed envelope.

University of California Berkeley Transcript Submissions:

Transcripts must be postmarked or electronically submitted on or before July 1. You must arrange to have an official, final high school transcript (showing your date of graduation) and any college/university official transcripts sent to the campus where you plan to enroll.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1st Year Student:

Apply with the Common Application (App) or with the Coalition Application. Ask your school to send us your official transcript, either by mail or by secure electronic delivery.

University of South Florida Freshman Admissions:

Ask your school to send transcripts to USF electronically. If this option is not available, official transcripts for all three USF campuses should be mailed.

University of Arkansas New Freshman:

Have your official high school transcripts, showing class rank, cumulative grade point average, and courses taken, sent to the Office of Admissions. Please note that student-submitted transcripts are not official. The Office of Admissions accepts transcripts through a variety of services, including Triand, Parchment, eScript, and Clearinghouse.

University of Iowa Undergraduate Admissions:

Official transcripts can be sent via Naviance eDocs, Docufied by Parchment, postal mail or express courier.

UPenn Undergraduate Admissions:

Official High School Transcript. Must be submitted directly from the school.

Purdue University First-time College Students (Freshmen):

Enrolling homeschooled students also must provide official transcripts with coursework and grades earned.

University of Memphis Admissions:

Electronic transcripts can be ordered 24/7 using TranscriptsPlus and are the quickest method for receiving/delivering transcripts. Electronic transmission using the following services: Credential Solutions, Parchment and National Student Clearinghouse.

University of Kansas Admissions:

Electronic Transcript Exchange (ETX): This system enables the University of Kansas to exchange transcripts with participating educational institutions and organizations. The information is exchanged through the NSC’s secure network.

Stanford University Freshman Application Requirements:

We request that school personnel use Coalition or Common Application online forms whenever possible to submit documents. This is the fastest method for materials to reach your file. If online submission is not possible, school personnel may send materials as an email attachment to Ask your school to include your full legal name, school, and date of birth on all correspondence with the admission office.

Boston University First-Year Applicants:

Official copies of your secondary school transcripts must be submitted by a school official. We recommend that you check with the transcript recipient to confirm they accept electronic transcript delivery.

Mesa Community College:

In order for a transcript to be "official," it must be sent from your previous institution(s) to MCC directly. Please Note: Official transcripts cannot be "walked in" by a student, even if the envelope is sealed.

Abilene Christian University:

An official transcript is one that is delivered to the university via Docufide [now],, or in a sealed envelope, marked as official, and contains a date of graduation if applicable.