Why You Should
Be a
National Merit Scholar

The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) isn't just a practice round for the SAT. In fact, the results of this standardized test can lead to much more than a gauge of your readiness for college admission exams. If you achieve a top percentile score, you qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program, a prestigious recognition that can unlock LOTS of financial aid opportunities. Here’s why becoming a National Merit Scholar is so important.

1. National Merit Scholarships
The most immediate financial benefit is the scholarship money that comes directly from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. While the one-time $2,500 award might not cover a significant portion of your college costs, it's a prestigious honor that will attract further scholarships.

2. Corporate-sponsored Scholarships
Many companies offer scholarships to National Merit Scholars. These awards can range from one-time payments to renewable scholarships that can help pay for your entire college career.

3. College-specific Scholarships
Some colleges and universities offer their own financial incentives to attract National Merit Scholars. These can be substantial, often covering full tuition for all four years, along with other benefits like housing and books.

4. A Mark of Excellence
Being a National Merit Scholar is a prestigious honor that reflects highly on your academic abilities, making your college application stand out.

5. Competitive Edge
When colleges see that you’re a National Merit Scholar, you become a more attractive candidate not only for admission but also for merit-based financial aid.

6. Advanced Academic Opportunities
Being a National Merit Scholar often means that you'll be offered places in honors programs, which can enrich your academic experience and future prospects.

7. Research Opportunities
Scholars frequently get the chance to engage in valuable research projects, further enhancing their academic credentials.

8. Alumni Connections
The National Merit Scholar community is a network of successful professionals, and being a part of this group can offer untold opportunities for your career.

9. Internship Opportunities
Corporate sponsors of National Merit Scholarships often offer internship opportunities to scholars, giving you a head start in the competitive job market.

10. Reduced Student Loans
With the help of multiple scholarships, you can reduce or completely eliminate the need to take out student loans, providing a more secure financial future.

11. Freedom to Choose
When you’re less worried about the financial aspects of education, you have more freedom to choose a college based on its merits rather than its costs.

12. Merit as a Bargaining Chip
Being a National Merit Scholar can give you an upper hand in negotiations for more financial aid. Schools are more willing to offer additional aid to students who can enhance the school’s academic profile.

13. Leadership Skills
The status of being a National Merit Scholar can offer you positions of leadership in student organizations, further developing your soft skills

14. Self-Confidence
Achieving this level of recognition can provide a significant confidence boost, which is invaluable in both academic and real-world pursuits.

The PSAT is more than a practice exam, it’s a strategic move that can pay life-long dividends!

However, homeschoolers are being denied this opportunity in 2023.

We’re hearing reports of public and private schools not allowing outside students to take the PSAT due to limited classroom computers (2023 is the inaugural rollout of the digital-only PSAT). If you have solutions, reports, comments, etc., we want to hear from you: support@homeschooltranscripts.com

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