Test Prep

The following advice is ranked from most important to least ūüöÄ

1. Use Khan Academy's FREE test prep site. A twenty hour investment yields 115-point increase!

2. Buy only official test prep guides from the CollegeBoard or ACT.

3. Buy a $150 graphing calculator & use it with each practice test.

4. Emulate timed tests to a tee. Start at 8:30am, use pencil and paper tests from prep guides above, even eat bagged snacks.

5. The day after your timed practice test, when your mind is fresh, review ALL mistakes and master the material you missed.

6. Take PSAT (OCT) in 11th grade and no more than two SATs to follow.

IMPORTANT: Khan's test prep fails to teach students test-taking strategies that provide crucial score boosts. To earn the highest possible points, students must acquire test-taking tools completely unrelated to mastering academic subjects.

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