You Should Apply
Early Action
(maybe Early Decision)

Deadlines for Early Action and Early Decision are on Nov 1st and 15th.

Early Action applications are non-binding, offers are made in Jan or Feb, and students have until May 1 to choose which college to enroll in.

Early Decision applications receive offers in DEC, are limited to only 1 college, and are binding, meaning if accepted, you must enroll.

Being in the earliest pool of applicants gives students a very real edge!

Early applications receive a more forgiving and leisurely read than those received during the rush of regular decision.

Early applications receive more offers because there are more available spots at the beginning of the admissions cycle.

One study says applying early increases your chance of getting accepted by 20% - 30% and equivalent to scoring 100 points more on the SAT.

Special scholarships or housing priority perks are sometimes offered for students applying early.

If applying early, do the following:

📈 Provide a progress report or mid-year grades for the Fall senior semester.

✍️ Write persuasive essays that underscore strong college-student fit.

✈️ Show demonstrated interest by a campus visit.

📅 Have other applications ready in early DEC if applying Early Decision.

Warning: Early Decision applications are binding leaving little-to-no negotiation leverage when it comes to tuition offerings & discounts.

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