Selecting Senior Year
Course Loads

What your student does in 12th grade is more important than the previous 3 years. With admissions officers spending 8 minutes on average reviewing applicant files, snap judgments are made by looking here first.

Selective schools expect to see 4 years of core course work.

A quick review of a student's 12th grade course load can signal if the student was challenged and whether or not they're ready for higher level work in college.

Our recommendations:

💦 Have your student take challenging 12th grade courses.

💡 Follow our core course recommendations (right margin of your account).

📅 Sign up for AP exams in spring (deadline is March).

💯 Finish well with top grades even after being accepted.

Even if you're not applying to a competitive college, your senior year curriculum will be scrutinized more than any other section of the transcript.

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