Create a Winning
College Application

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to crafting your student's application, focusing on these 4 areas will help your student appeal to almost every holistic admissions process:

📓 High School Curriculum

🧠 Intellectual Curiosity

Extracurricular Activities

👍 Recommendations

Does your high school curriculum have a variety of advanced classes (AP/Dual Enrollment)? Is it sprinkled with a few courses that stand out from every other transcript?

Do the electives highlight a student who is intellectually curious beyond typical textbook teaching? Is this further demonstrated in the extracurricular activities they participate in?

If not, encourage supplemental essay prompts that highlight these areas of your student's interests in and outside the classroom.

Finally, recommendations, THEY MATTER! As a homeschool parent, you'll probably have to write the school counselor recommendation yourself, so it's crucial that your student's other recommendations come from "unbiased" sources that validate the entire application narrative.

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